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Post  King Maximum on Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:47 pm

The following games are the ones our hosts are allowed to host:

Odd/Even: The better calls out Odd or Even, the host does the seal emote 1 time. If it was what they called then they win x2 their bet.

Over/Under/Lucky: The better calls out Over, Under, or Lucky. The host seals 2 times. The two numbers sealed are added. 6 or less is under, 8 or more is over, and 7 is lucky.

Seal Duel (3 Wins): Can either be held by the host and 2 people vs each other or vs the host, but the host always holds. The two people seal, the person who gets the highest number gets a point, first person to 3 points wins, a tie is a re-seal.

BJ 11/21: Same host concept as 3 wins. Both players seal once. Player with the lowest number goes first. The player that goes first tries to get as close to 11/21 without going over. When the player stops the next player goes. The second person tries to beat or tie the first person without going over 11/21. If their is a tie then the first person goes again and the process repeats.

x5: The better chooses a number 1-6. The host seals 5 times. If the number is sealed 2 or more times, the bet is multiplied by how many times the number is sealed. If it is seen only once, it is a re-do or a refund. The better can change their number if they choose re-do.

*If their are any other games that you would like our hosts to host, please submit the game and its rules below. The game will then be put under review and you will be notified if your game was accepted or denied.*

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